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School Violence Law Brings Title IX Lawsuit Against Byron Center Teacher for Student Sexual Assault

School Violence Law has brought Title IX lawsuit on behalf of a Byron Center High School student who was sexually abused by her teacher (subsequently convicted and sentenced to prison for more than a decade), then brutally harassed and retaliated against by students and school staff.

Fortunately, under Title IX, applicable state and federal laws provide remedies that may help her recovery and compel Byron Center Public Schools to implement changes necessary to protect other students.byron center, title ix lawsuit

The federal lawsuit filed Thursday, July 23, in U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids alleges that school officials failed to protect the student, contact authorities and investigate after learning of suspicions that math teacher Glenn Davis’ actions toward the student were predatory.

This suit claims violation of Title IX, the federal legislation that prohibits gender discrimination on the basis of sex in education programs and activities. The lawsuit also claims a violation of the student’s constitutional rights, failure to report sexual abuse, a violation of the Elliott Larsen Civil Rights Act, and negligence.

The lawsuit names Byron Center Public Schools, the board of education, high school Principal Scott Joseph and Assistant Principal Brady Lake.

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Chad Curtis sex case: Lakewood schools protected former ballplayer, not student-athletes, federal complaint says

Engaged to represent four high school girls who were sexually assaulted by former major league baseball player, Chad Curtis. This happened to some of the victims while he was purportedly giving them therapeutic massages for sports injuries at school. Curtis is currently in prison. Following the reporting of the assaults, our clients were brutally harassed and bullied at school. A Federal lawsuit alleging violations to Title IX and other legal principles is pending in Court, seeking to hold the school and its administrators responsible for, among other reasons, being deliberately indifferent and failing to prevent to their abuse.

Estate of Deceased College Student v. Numerous Defendants.

Represented the family of college student who died following an evening of hazing during initiation by the Knights of College Leadership at Ferris State University (Big Rapids, Michigan). CBS 48 Hours portrayed this incident in a story dealing with fraternity hazing, initiations and drinking deaths.  The fraternity pledges were directed to play a drinking game involving the “wheel of torture.”  The Client lost consciousness, and was carried to an upstairs bedroom and left unattended, despite the fact that fraternity brothers knew that he was helpless and needed to be monitored.  The Client died of alcohol poisoning, and is survived by his parents, sister and nephew.  The family obtained a substantial financial settlement.