The only nationwide legal team focused on winning justice for victims of violence and misconduct in schools.
We help victims hold perpetrators, schools, and fraternities accountable.
When they are negligent, our lawyers hold them accountable.
Our Law Firm was lead counsel for the victims of Virginia Tech. We can help you too.


It’s time for the law to protect victims of gender violence

“It’s time to pass the Equal Rights Amendment so that our legal system can become a system of justice, and #metoo can finally become no more.” –Laura Dunn

Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Fraternity Hazing at Cornell University

Our lawyers represented the mother of a young man killed by fraternity hazing at Sigma Alpha Epsilon.  We established legal precedent in New York rendering national fraternities legally responsible for the dangerous, illegal hazing by its chapters and members.  George’s mother received a confidential multi-million dollar settlement.

Gun Violence Lawsuit Press Conference Post-Virginia Tech Massacre

Doug Fierberg was the lead trial attorney for approximately 20 survivors or family members of those who died in the mass shooting and gun violence at Virginia Tech.  Doug negotiated the historic settlement – valued at approximately $11 Million – compensating victims, providing health care for life, and establishing a foundation.  Doug continues to represent the VTV Family Outreach Foundation.

Sexual Assault Lawsuit against Kansas State under Title IX

Good Morning America profiles our federal lawsuits on behalf of two Kansas State University Students raped at fraternity events.  We prevailed against K State’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit, and are confident that our clients will prevail before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit.  While the defense has, not surprisingly, delayed justice, ultimately it will not be denied.

Nationwide Legal Expertise

More than 25 years ago, we were the first lawyers to develop the legal specialty on behalf of survivors, victims and their families.  We have collected tens and tens of millions of dollars in settlements for victims of fraternity hazing, college sexual assault, gender violence and discrimination, and other misconduct causing traumatic injury and death.

Violence Against Women Act

Attorney Laura Dunn established SurvJustice, a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit organization promoting justice on behalf of survivors of gender violence, and she has been counsel for landmark Title IX lawsuits.  As a result of her work and advocacy, Ms. Dunn was invited to White House ceremonies commemorating re-authorization of the Violence Against Women Act and presided over by President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden.


New Ooltewah Rape Case Ruling

Fantastic ruling in our Title IX and Section 1983 case in Tennessee and closer to holding a school responsible for the brutal hazing and sexual assault of our client, John Doe, suffered, including being pinned down and sodomized with a pool stick. The judge issued a 60-page thorough and well reasoned opinion in which he refused to dismiss our claims against the school district.

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It’s time for the law to protect victims of gender violence

“It’s time to pass the Equal Rights Amendment so that our legal system can become a system of justice, and #metoo can finally become no more.” –Laura Dunn

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Cornell University Fraternity Hazing Death Case

George Desdunes was killed by fraternity hazing by Sigma Alpha Epsilon members and pledges at Cornell University. His mother’s wrongful death lawsuit established precedent in New York that enables victims of fraternity hazing and their families to hold national fraternities legally responsible for death and other injuries caused by their members and chapters. SAE and its fraternity ymembers spent years fighting the lawsuit, without success. When the fraternity defendants’ final effort to dismiss the lawsuit was rejected by the Court, we obtained a confidential, multi-million dollar settlement for George’s mother. While it took 5 or so years for Marie to win her lawsuit, we protected Marie the whole way.

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Title IX Lawsuits: Kansas State and Fraternity Sexual Assaults

Good Morning America featured our work and clients’ federal lawsuits seeking to compel Kansas State University to investigate, hold disciplinary hearings, and abide by Title IX and state law regarding their allegations of rape at fraternity houses. “Zero tolerance” policies against rape are meaningless without preventive actions, compelled reforms and punitive enforcement: We file lawsuits and represent clients in all proceedings seeking to compel schools to make campus safe, investigate claims of sexual assault and student danger, hold fair, lawful hearings, punish perpetrators, and protect and accommodate survivors.

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Press Conference: Virginia Tech School Gun Violence and Massacre

Our lawyers negotiated the historic settlements for the wrongful deaths and injured survivors valued in excess of $11 Million. The settlements established a foundation in their honor that continues to advocate for safe schools and gun control, which we continue to represent. Our work was the only successful resolution of this tragedy and potential lawsuits and resulted in economic recoveries, health insurance, counseling and health care treatment for life.

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Lawyers Representing Clients Nationwide

Across the country and for more than 25 years, we have successfully resolved state and federal lawsuits involving serious personal injuries and wrongful death at schools, colleges and fraternities. We established this legal specialty. Our lawyers have been involved in enacting or reauthorizing historic state and federal legislation. Our attorneys have the training, experience and confidence necessary to overcome tough legal obstacles and well-heeled lawyers and legislators, wherever located. We also represent survivors of gun and sexual violence in high school/college/fraternity/university disciplinary hearings, compelling offenders and institutions to abide by the law, pay compensation, enforce codes of conduct, expel rapists, and protect and accommodate survivors.

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We represent families and survivors in federal and state lawsuits involving fraternity death, fraternity rape, fraternity hazing injury, hazing death, wrongful death, serious personal injury, sexual assault, gun violence and Title IX violations.  For example, on October 12, 2017, Monica Beck obtained a $1.8 Million verdict on behalf of one of our clients in Federal Court against Chad Curtis, a former major league baseball player (now incarcerated) who sexually assaulted four of our clients in high school.  In 2014 we obtained approximately $5 Million in federal court judgments and settlements for young girls improperly videotaped and photographed by their elementary school teacher, enabling them to obtain the quality mental health care they deserve, pay for college, and, for some, purchase homes for themselves and families.  We help rape survivors achieve justice in school disciplinary hearings, since these proceedings are pivotal in protecting students and their Title IX and educational rights.  As part of our practice focusing on women’s rights, we are defending sexual assault survivors who have been sued by perpetrators for defamation, and filing counterclaims on their behalf to obtain compensation for their injuries.

We have served as lead counsel in lawsuits, administrative complaints, mediation, and school disciplinary proceedings in numerous states, including Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

We have established legal precedent in numerous states (Federal and State courts), created legacies for our clients, and collected tens and tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements against individuals, corporations, fraternities, educational institutions, enablers and con-apologists responsible for harming our clients.  “You and Jon were amazing!  We had them outlawyered today, which gives us a fighting chance of having it acknowledged that our son died from hazing, and that steps will be taken to prevent others from being harmed/killed.  All because of you, Jon and the Team in Michigan and PA!”  Surviving Parent/Client, 2017. 

Our litigation and trial skills also assist our commercial work, advice and litigation on behalf of individuals, for-profit and non-profit organizations and start-ups nationwide:

  • For more than 20 years, we have served as outside general counsel for the Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (“NACA”), this country’s most progressive, aggressive and successful organization fighting housing discrimination and predatory lending.  NACA has made the American Dream of homeownership possible for thousands of working people, forcing banks to commit billions of dollars to end discrimination.  See www.naca.com
  • We served as lead trial attorneys for Rolling Stone LLC, Jann Wenner and Wenner Media LLC, legendary global media companies defending a $25 Million defamation lawsuit filed against them arising out of an article Rolling Stone published on the subject of sexual assaults at college fraternities.  Our work uncovered numerous legal and factual flaws in the allegations against Rolling Stone, and, as a result, the claims were successfully resolved for a small fraction of the damages sought. 
  • We served as lead trial attorneys for Rolling Stone, Jann Wenner and Wenner Media in defense of a federal lawsuit brought against them in New York by individual members of Phi Kappa Psi fraternity.  The lawsuit was dismissed.
  • For more than 25 years, we have served as general counsel for the International Titanium Association, an association of American and multi-national businesses operating worldwide.  See www.titanium.org
  • We initiate and defend litigation in Washington, D.C. and Virginia on behalf of Grosvenor Urban Retail, LP, a London-based, global leader in commercial real estate.  See www.grosvenor.com
  • For more than 20 years, we have served as outside general counsel for Fasano Associates, Inc., a D.C.-headquartered diversified underwriting organization serving the life insurance, annuity/structured settlement, life settlement and related industries nationwide.

Our commercial advice covers a wide-spectrum of start-up, entity formation, operational, employment, management, leasing, litigation, strategic and governance legal issues.  And, when conflict cannot be circumvented, we have successfully brought, defended and resolved numerous types of commercial claims, as well as investigative and enforcement actions brought by state and federal agencies.

Un abogado en nuestro bufete, Jonathon Fazzola, está disponible para hacer consultas en español para los clientes de habla hispana.  We have successfully represented a number of people who struggle to speak and/or understand English.  We have ready access to translators fluent in Arabic, Chinese and Russian.  Igualidad ante la ley根据法律面前人人平等

Our Ethic
Fraternity Victims
School Rape
Trial Attorneys

Our Ethic

More than 20 years ago, Doug Fierberg was the first lawyer to exclusively represent victims of school violence nationwide. As his legal team has grown, we have always believed that giving back is essential. Thus, our lawyers – for no fee - have compelled wrongdoers to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation to non-profit organizations whose missions are to eliminate hazing, sexual assault, binge drinking, and other violence from schools.

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Fraternity Victims

"Fierberg is a man of obvious and deep intelligence, comfortable - in the way of alpha-male litigators - with sharply correcting a fuzzy thought; with using obscenities; with speaking derisively, even contemptuously, of opponents. He is also the man I would run to as though my hair were on fire if I ever found myself in a legal battle with a fraternity, and so should you." - Caitlin Flanagan, The Atlantic

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School Rape

The litigation experience of Doug Fierberg paired with the national Title IX movement expertise of Cari Simon make us uniquely effective advocates for people who have suffered rape or sexual assault in schools and universities.

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Trial Attorneys

Federal and state courts across the country have admitted Mr. Fierberg to practice before them to serve as lead trial counsel for wrongful death, hazing, sexual assault and catastrophic personal injury cases, including cases filed in Alabama, Arizona, California, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Indiana, Texas, Mississippi, Nevada, Maryland, District of Columbia, and Ohio.

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“Doug Fierberg, Cari Simon, and their team are passionate about achieving justice for their clients. They treated me with respect and great reverence for the trauma that I faced. They were genuinely interested in my well being as a survivor. Throughout all steps of the process, they believed in me and encouraged me. They are true advocates for their clients. I am forever grateful for all that they have done for me. Their diligent work ethic and desire to lessen the burden on survivors has created a renewed hope for me as a survivor. My experience with Doug and Cari has even prompted me to apply for law school so that one day I might also be able to help survivors fight these injustices.”
– Jane Doe, Georgia