We remain the ONLY nationwide legal team focused on, and dedicated to, representing families, survivors, and others in lawsuits and other legal proceedings involving fraternity hazing, school and gun violence, serious personal injury, wrongful death, sexual assault, Title IX violations, and other misconduct. We obtain special permission to practice in any state where tragedy happens. We locate and associate ourselves with qualified local trial counsel to form a legal team with national expertise and local experience.

We have established the specialty, going so far as to create the first and only national school violence practice groups within the American Association for Justice (AAJ) and the National Crime Victim Bar Association (NCVBA).

Parents and victims justly demand that comprehensive changes be imposed upon those who caused or failed to prevent their trauma. We have sought and secured enforceable concessions from defendants designed to make institutions better managed and safer, allowing personal legacies to endure.  We have compelled universities to expel rapists, waive tuition and housing costs, implement academic accommodations and stay-away orders, revise victims’ grades and transcripts, comply with Title IX, state law, and university regulations, disclose risk information to the public and generally, act responsibly towards victims of such tragedies.

We have created a new legal precedent to aid victims nationwide and have assisted our clients to obtain enactment of state legislation expanding victims’ rights.

Because our lawyers, firm, and ethos is about more than money earned, we have obtained – without a fee – hundreds of thousands of dollars for non-profit foundations and organizations committed to protecting students and families from school violence and other misconduct in schools.

We successfully negotiated the historic, complex settlement with the Commonwealth of Virginia and Virginia Tech University on behalf of 20 families/clients who suffered the loss of a loved one or traumatic gunshot injuries as a result of the April 2007 massacre at Virginia Tech.  John McCammon, the founder of The McCammon Group and mediator of the settlement said, “You have served your clients so well and at the same time distinguished yourselves as first class, effective, efficient, practical and collaborative attorneys who know how to deal with the big issues.  While tough on substance, you were smooth on style.  That is a difficult combination to pull off.”  

We continue to serve as legal counsel – pro bono – for the VTV Family Foundation, which was established as a result of our work.

Numerous other & equally important examples of our work are highlighted on our site.

The search for qualified counsel is as difficult as it is important.  You should ask lawyers you interview for specific examples of the number and type of school cases they have handled, including the results obtained.  Have they been involved in the enactment of legislation and legal precedent protecting the rights of survivors and victims of school violence?  School, college and fraternity hazing, death and injury cases are often fundamentally different from claims involving medical malpractice, automobile accidents, slip and falls, and the other types of tort claims trial lawyers most often handle.  Ask them about their experience and ability to assist you in the passage of victims’ rights legislation, should you have that concern.  We welcome the opportunity to be of assistance.  If we cannot assist you directly, we are happy to provide you with referrals to other lawyers around the country qualified to represent you on such matters.*


*All communication with the School Violence Law Team and The Fierberg National Law Group is confidential.