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North Carolina: Elementary Student Sexual Abuse

Jane Doe/John Doe v. Burke County Public Schools, et al.  Represented several families of female students who were victimized by their third grade teacher, Michael Alexander.  Over the course of his tenure at Hildebran Elementary, Alexander sexually abused, created sex fetish or child pornography photographs and videos, and/or criminally assaulted in a sexual manner dozens of his students. Alexander is currently serving a 49.5 year sentence for his crimes.  Federal lawsuits were filed on behalf of the victims, all of whom proceeded by pseudonym to protect their and their families’ confidentiality. The school district sought to dismiss the lawsuit, arguing that it was not responsible for Alexander’s misconduct. The Federal Court denied that motion. The cases subsequently settled for substantial confidential amounts that will ensure that these victims can obtain the health care they need to recover, pursue future educational opportunities of their choosing, and have significant financial resources available to them to create the lives they want.