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University of Wisconsin Milwaukee: Tau Kappa Epsilon suspended amid “date rape drug” allegations

Last week included some truly disturbing allegations concerning the Tau Kappa Epsilon house at UW-Milwaukee, where several young women attending a party were later unable to walk or stand and two were taken to the hospital.  Police were called three times to a University residence fall between midnight and 1:33 a.m., each time they found female students, unable to stand or walk; all had red Xs marked on their hands.  A male student, who had drank part of a female friend’s drink, was seen vomiting into a trash can and struggling to stand.  It is being claimed that the fraternity members used a color-coding system, based on the color of the Xs on guests’ hands, to sort who would receive drugged drinks.  According to the local paper, authorities investigated three sexual assault reports related to this same fraternity in 2013!

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